On your hard drive, you should've already created a new project folder.
Name it: jerry graded interview (or the name of your new project)
In the project folder, you should have these additional folders:
audio, graphics, script, stuff, video

[1] Create a New Project Folder
[2] Copy Video Files from SDHC Card to Video Folder (for this assignment you'll put them in the graded interview > video folder)
[3] Create a New Avid Project
[4] Link to Media
[5] Color Code Files in Project Bin
[6] Log Video Files in Project Bin
[7] Create a New Sequence
[8] Transcribe the Interview
[9] Write the Script

[10] Import Images

[11-1] Add and Name Video and Audio Tracks
Jerry Note: The remaining instruction videos in this section were done without the video and audio tracks named. You should still be able to complete the tasks, though.
[11-1a] Laying the Interview Track
[11-1b] Trim & Pace the Interview Track (add air)
[11-1c] Pacing and Trimming: Using the Ripple Trim Tool
[11-2] Laying the B-Roll Track
[11-3] Laying Images in the Timeline
[11-4] Resize Images

[11-a] How to Add Effects to Video Clip Segment:
Resize, Color Correct, and Add Effect to Multiple Clips, Add Multiple Effects to Same Clip Segment

Remember, to hold down OPTION key when
adding another effect to the same clip segment.
[11-b] Using Rule of Thirds Guide and to Resize Video Clips
[11-c] Rotate an image or video clip when not level to the horizon
[11-d] Checking the Match Cut
[11-e] Close a Gap in the Timeline
[11-f] Delete Clip Segment in the Timeline

[12-1] Create Lower Third in Photoshop
[12-2] Import Lower Third and Place in Avid Timeline

[13] Trimming: Using the Ripple Trim Tool

[14] Adjusting Audio Levels and Using Audio Transitions
for Interview Assignment

[15-1] Final Checks before Exporting
[15-2] Render In to Out

[16] Export as an H.264 Quicktime Movie
a. Name it: jerry interview.mov
b. Save it to: your graded interview folder.
c. Be sure to view the entire movie with headphones on prior to filing.

[17] What and How to File
There are four files to put in the Instructions folder:
(1) Transcript (name it: jerry transcript.docx)
(2) Script (name it: jerry script.docx)
(3) Movie (name it: jerry interview.mov)
(4) Screengrab (name it: jerry interview.png)