The Sequence Assignment

Sequence Assignment Handbook

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[1] Managing the Content Prod 1-2 p10
[2] Copy Video Files from SDHC Card Prod 1-3 p11
[3] Create a New Avid Project Prod 1-4 p12
[4] Resize Avid Workspace (if you need to) Prod 1-5 p13
[5] Link to Media in Project Bin Prod 1-12 p14
[6] Color Code Files in Project Bin Prod 1-13 p14
[7] Log Video Files in Project Bin Prod 1-14 p15
[7a] Delete a Clip in Project Bin I Won't Use
[8] Create a Sequence in Timeline Prod 1-16 p17
[9] Laying Tracks Using Timecode | Graphic
[10] Laying Tracks and Match Cuts
Using the Position Bar
[10a] Checking the Match Cut
[10b] Close a Gap in the Timeline
[10c] Delete Clip Segment in the Timeline Prod 2-6 p22
[10d] Rotate an image or video clip
when not level to the horizon
[10e] Move a Clip Segment in the Timeline Prod 2-23 p25
[11] Trimming: Using the Ripple Trim Tool Prod 7-2 p54
[12] Adjusting Audio Level for the Sequence
Assignment: Click on the "M" in the A1 and A2
tracks in the timeline to MUTE the audio.
[13] Final Checks Before Exporting
Clear In and Out Marks, Black Holes
and Flash Frames

Render In to Out
Prod 9-1 p64
Prod 9-2 p64
Prod 9-3 p64
Prod 9-4 p64
[14] Export as QuickTime Movie - H.264 Prod 9-5 p65
[15] What and How to File the Sequence Assignment
(file as two separate files)
• Exported Movie; name it:
• Screengrab; name it:
firstName sequence.png
Sequence p215