[A] Story Idea
[1] Finding a Story
[2] Story Focus

[B] Getting Started — Setting Up a New Project
[1] Set Up Project Folder on Hard Drive
[2] Copy Video Files to Project Folder
[3] Create a New Avid Project
[4] Create New Sequence and Set Up New Timeline Tracks for Story

[C] Write the Script
[1] Create Script Format in Word
Link to Media (Tools > Source Browser > video folder for project)
to log your video.
[2] Story Structure Diagram
[3] Writing Style
[4] Transition Words and Phrases
[5] Example Write In and Out of SOT

[D] Graphics, Images and Using Photoshop
[1] Create Lower Third in Photoshop
[2] Create Bike Theft Story Graphics in Photoshop

[E] Adding Files to the Project Bin in Avid
[1] Link to Media
[2] Import Images
[3] Import Voicetrack (Tools > Source Browser > voicetrack folder)

[F] Laying Tracks
[1-1] Voicetrack
[1-2] Using Ripple Trim Tool to Add Air to Voicetrack Clip Segment
[2-1] SOT: Nat Sound Pop Open
[2-2] SOT: Spencer
[2-3] SOT: Brian
[3-1] B-Roll Overview
[3-2] B-Roll Full Version (place all bike theft story clips)
[3-3] B-Roll Padding at End of the Story
[4-1] Graphics - Title Card, 61 and 10 percent
[4-2] Graphics - Lower Third, Spencer and Brian
[4-3] Graphics - Lower Third - Add Fade Effect

[G] Basic Editing Actions
[1] Checking the Match Cut
[2] Close a Gap in the Timeline
[3] Delete Clip Segment in the Timeline

[H] Leading with Audio
[1] Leading with Audio Technique - Nat Sound Pop Open
[2] Adjusting Audio Level When Leading with Audio

[I] Trimming
[1] Trimming: Using the Ripple Trim Tool
[2] Avid video: Editing with the Trim Tools

[J] Post Production — Fixes and Effects
[1] Using Rule of Thirds Guide and to Resize Video Clips
[2] Add the Same Effect to Multiple Clips
[3] Using Color Correction to Increase Gain (make clip brighter)
(remember to hold down option key to add a second effect to same clip;
might be helpful to watch next tutorial first)
[4] Adding Multiple Effects to the Same Clip
[5] Resize Images
[6] Rotate an image or video clip when not level to the horizon
[7] Speedup and Slow Motion

[K] Adjust Audio Levels
[1] Adding Additional Channels in Audio Mixer
[2] Adjusting Audio Level When Leading with Audio
[3] Adjusting Audio Levels for Full and Under
[4] Example of Audio Levels Set for Bike Theft Story
[5] Using Audio Transitions

[L] Final Checks
[1] Padding at End of the Story
[2] Clear In and Out Marks, Black Holes and Flash Frames
[3] Render In to Out

[M] Exporting as a Quicktime Movie
[1] Export as an H.264 Quicktime Movie
Using H.264 helps eliminate stoppage in play and "tearing"
a. Name it: jerry (ex.: jerry
b. Save it to: your graded story folder.
c. Be sure to view the entire movie with headphones on prior to filing.
d. See below on what and how to file.

[N] What and How to File
[1] Filing the Story Assignment