Sony PXW-X70 Video Camera
(Used in 3102, 3451 and 4451)

• PDF: Sony PXW-X70 Video Camera Operations
• PNG: How to Format SDHC Card
• PNG: How to Preview Previous Shot
• PNG: How to Delete Files
• PNG: How to Manual White Balance
• PNG: How to Read the Histogram
• PNG: Menu Settings for 3102
• PNG: XLR Box Settings


• PDF: Techniques for Shooting Good Video
• PDF: Techniques for Shooting a Good Interview
• Online: Tips for Lighting and Using LED Lights

• Video: Application of the Rule of Thirds
• Video: Shooting with the Rule of Thirds
• Video: Three Basic Types of Editing and Shot Techniques:
Jump Cut, Match Cut, and Cutaway

• Video: Breaking Down the 180 Degree Rule
• Image: Breaking Down the 180 Degree Rule

• Video: Video Influencers: LED Lighting Tutorial
• Video: How to Shoot With Multiple Cameras

• Online: Five Shots, 10 Seconds
• Online: Two Pros Teach You to Shoot Video in High-Def
• Online: Video Tutorials
• Online: Cinematic Techniques
• Online: Film Techniques
• Online: Guide to Cinematic Terms


• Video: Story Guide: The Secrets of Sequencing
• Online: Sequencing: The Foundation of Video Storytelling
• Online: Sequence & Variety Shooting in Video Storytelling

Sony NX70U Video Camera

• PDF: SWEFF NX70U Video Camera Operations
• PDF: Troubleshooting the NX70U Video Camera
• PDF: How to Preview Video in Camera
• PDF: How to Delete Video from SDHC Card
• PNG: How to Format or Erase Files on the SDHC Card
• PDF: The NX70U Study Guide
• Online: Tutorial: Sony HXR-NX70U