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Learning Soundslides
• Your photos should be .jpg files; your audio should be an .mp3 file.
• For best results, shoot your photos as horizontals, not verticals.
• You can definitely use your smartphone to shoot your photos. Really.
• You can do a slideshow in Soundslides without audio.
• The length of an audio slideshow is the length of your audio track.
• The audio track you will use in the Soundslides project is a single audio track.
• Soundslides is not an audio editing program; you have to edit your audio in a different program. Audacity is a cross-platform program that can be download on your computer at home or you can find it in
Finder > Applications on the computer in the lab. You can also edit your audio in Avid, you can IMPORT your audio files.

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Learn to Use Soundslides by Mindy McAdams
Soundslides Storytelling by Mindy McAdams
The Soundslides Manual

Example Student Soundslide Projects
Weisman Art Museum Expansion by Jeff Swiontkowski
Graffiti: Both Weapons and Art by Mark Sheely
Local Designer by Shannon Lee
Potholes in Minnesota by Chris Cooper
Folwell Hall Renovation by Ben Corey
Light Rail Construction by Jake Wallace

Links to Useful Websites
Wikipedia: Audacity (Digital Audio Editor)
Teaching Online Journalism: Audacity
Using iTunes to Convert and Audio File to an MP3 File
Free Play Music Website

Audacity Tutorials - Audacity Website
Audacity User Manual