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Broadcast News Writing
Breaking News
Director's Cut — University Report
Breakdown of a News Block by Story Form and Length
Three Basic Types of Editing and Shots

Graphics - How To Use Graphics in Your Presentation
Graphics - When and Why to Use Them

Writing into Sound Bites
Writing In and Out of SOTs

Broadcast Story Forms
• READER |The Script and the Reader: Putting the Two Together

• VO | Sample Script and Avid Timeline
• VO | Sample Script of the THREESIXTY VO

• VOSOT | Sample Script and Avid Timeline
• VOSOT | Sample Script of the THREESIXTY VOSOT
• VOSOT | Seven Examples

• PACKAGE | Sample Script
• PACKAGE | How To Write a News Package
• PACKAGE | The Script and the Package: Putting the Two Together
• PACKAGE EXAMPLES | Seniors | Stuck in Seattle
Student Work: Pets and Foreclosures and Script |
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Links to Useful Websites
40 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Dumb
AP Stylebook Online
Basic Broadcast News Terms
Does length matter? It does for video!
What Newspaper Writers Can Learn from TV
How to Read and Speak Like a TV News Reporter
How to Write a News Package
Television Production: Scriptwriting Guidelines
Statistics Every Writer Should Know
Use the Active Voice
The Passive Voice
Active Verbs and Passive Verbs - Seton Hall
Active Verbs and Passive Verbs - Quick and Dirty Tricks

Knisely Assignment Files
• PDF: Survival Guide on Form and Sound
• PDF: Knisely Analysis Form Example
• Movie: My Pride and Joy | Dancing Chicken | Bike Lock

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• Online: Assignment Editor
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• Online: Shoptalk
• Online: Top 100 U.S. Television Markets
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